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Break the language barrier between you and your customers, employees, suppliers, investors or other interlocutors.


We organise your event according to your stipulations. Avoid transport, renting equipment, travel delays… and all of this from your office!


Genius adapts perfectly to your previously arranged video or web conference system. We can also provide our own conference call service. Our technicians will take care of everything.


Guaranteed. Tele-interpretation allows you to talk to your interlocutor in complete security. All of our interpreters sign a confidentiality clause. We guarantee the traceability of information.

For our corporate universities we used to organise 2 coaching sessions in two languages – every month – now with Genius ConfCall we can organize a single meeting in 2 languages!
This means significant savings in training materials and the enhanced proximity of international teams.
Tangible efficacy!


Christian BANG-ROUHET,INSIGHT Human Resources




All the Genius ConfCall service requires is a phone line and it provides every guarantee of our conference interpreters, but remotely. Cost saving without the risk of losing quality in conveying the message.


We can bring people together anywhere in the world virtually, in as many languages as you require: sharing information and conversing has never been as simple or as economical.


Forget airports, missed flights and jet lag. With Genius ConfCall, you can organise conference or teleconference with professional interpreting in just a week, without having to leave your office.


And you won’t have to arrange for the interpreters or worry about the expenses their services involve such as hotel accommodation, transport and allowances. Genius ConfCall avoids these and allows for a more efficient, dynamic use of multilingual communication.

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